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Child Resistant Pouches

Child resistant pouches provide an additional layer of protection against accidental ingestion or exposure, particularly for products that may pose a significant risk to children if ingested or handled improperly.

Low Minimums

Order from as low as 2,500 pouches up to millions of quantities, we can handle all types of orders.

Ships in 10 days

Get your stand up pouches quick with our 10 day turnaround and fast shipping across North America.

Resealable CR Zipper

Each stand up pouch can be heat sealed and features a resealable CR zip closure.

Food safe

Our pouches are FDA compliant for direct food contact packaging in United States and Canada.

Keep moisture out with custom branded stand up pouches.

Stand up pouches are durable and easy to zip shut in fulfillment. They can be sealed with an impulse heat sealer, and opened with an easy-rip notch. The heat seal creates the feeling of added freshness when it gets to the customer. Most material options for standup pouches are laminates which combine multiple types of plastic. These are not recyclable because once multiple types of plastic are fused together they can't be separated for recycling. If recycling is a priority, consider using the LDPE/LLDPE material option, because it's made entirely of Low Density Polyethylene so it can be recycled where plastic films are accepted.

Features and styles

Unleash your adventurous side with our wide selection of materials and finishing options for child resistant pouches!

Resealable CR Zipper

Resealable zippers that keeps the children safe

In United States and Canada, there are regulations requiring certain products, such as medications or household chemicals, to be packaged in child-resistant packaging. Using child-resistant pouches ensures compliance with these regulations.

While child-resistant pouches are designed to be difficult for children to open, they are typically designed to be easy for adults to open.

CR Pouch Types

Different types of CR Pouches

We have few different options when it comes to Child Resistant Pouches, you can order from Stand Up Pouches, Flat Pouches all with zipper, or we can have a child resistant pouch without the zipper, this uses a special tear method.

These products include

  • Stand Up Pouch with CR Zipper
  • Lay Flat Pouch with CR Zipper
  • Lat Flat Pouch with CR Slit Tear

Multi Variant Printing

Print multiple artworks at the same time

Now you have the freedom to print as many artworks as you want for your total order quantity. This amazing feature is a game changer, as it lets you combine all your different product variations and print them all together.


Feel the difference with our high quality laminations

Packaging that's as satisfying as opening a birthday present! Get ready to touch and feel the difference with our three lamination products,

  • Silky Soft Touch
  • Premium Matte
  • High Gloss


Round, Euro or no hang hole options

Don't just stand there, hang your pouches on shelves with our Round Hole or Euro Hole punches, this is a great option to add style and functionality to your packaging.

  • Round
  • Euro (Sombrero)
  • No Hanger

Frequently asked question

CCC Pack's digitally printed stand up pouches are meticulously crafted using top-notch films and are readily available for shipment within 10 business days. Our robust structures and state-of-the-art print technology ensure that our stand up pouches have a distinguished and superior appearance and texture, coupled with exceptional performance. Our stand up pouches are exceptionally suitable for an extensive range of food and non-food items, Including snacks, lawn and garden products, coffee, and numerous others.

We offer a wide range of film types for flexible packaging to cater to various needs. In addition, we specialize in creating exclusive and unique films in collaboration with our clients. However, we always keep a stock of the most commonly used films ready for printing. These include:

Our most commonly used material is our White Metallized film, which gives the most vibrant colors in printed artwork. This film is fully opaque, white on the outside which is perfect for full color printing, and silver on the inside.

For a product window, you'll need to use our Clear film. Clear films can also create translucent color effects in printed artwork, these clear films comes in standard and high barrier options depending on your product.

For artworks with metallic effects, you'll need to use our Silver Metallized film, this creates a metallic effect on the pack & the colors.

Besides our regular films, we also have sustainable films such as Recyclable, PCR and Compostable.

Learn more about our material options here.

Yes! We’re proud to offer a recyclable PE pouch that is How2Recycle approved, as well as a Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) pouch and a Compostable material.

Learn more about our material options here.

Our standard production lead time is 10 business days upon artwork approval. However, we offer expedited options—as little as 5 business day!

Please note: This does not include shipping transit time, which can add anywhere from 1–5 days depending on your shipping service selection and location.

You can get custom sized pouches from us without any extra charges or setup fees.

When you're ordering pouches, it's important to keep in mind that the dimensions listed are for the pouch exterior, meaning the interior of the pouch is slightly smaller. The capacity is also affected by zipper closures, sealing sizes, tear notches and hanging holes. The size and shape of the product will also influence whether or not it fits, so it's always a good idea to check before you order.

Get in touch with our team and we will help you find the most suitable size that's best for your product.

Absolutely, we have an incredible team of talented designers who are experts at taking your product to the next level. Our creative design team have received numerous awards for exceptional work and are passionate about creating amazing designs.

Lear more about our design services here.

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